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One Nub Salute!

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Sometimes I just sit around with my nub in the “one nub salute” as my pawrents say.  It just feels comfortable like this, I guess it does look a little silly but my mom likes to salute me back when she walks by, so it’s all good.  She did include a picture of me with Barney.  I’m so embarrassed, I thought I would tear the thing limb from limb.  You know to practice in case I get a turn at the real Barney Tour, but I kinda like the guy.  Yea he is purple and soft and everything but he grows on you after a while and instead of wanting to kill him, I just get sleepy and want to cuddle.  Maybe when I’m older, yea he better look out then cause I’m goin’ to be a tuff guy then.  Just not right now!!!!

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Buddy Exercising on the Treadmill

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!


Okay,  my mom keeps getting on this machine that you walk and walk and walk but do not go anywhere.  Sounds crazy right? No neat smells, no marking territory, no critters to chase, but she does it everyday.  I figured I needed to see what was so great about this machine.  So I kept trying to get on it until finally she let me.  The first time she didn’t know I was going to jump on with her and I ended up SPLAT up against the wall.  So mom  finally let me on at a slow speed so I could satisfy my curiosity without getting hurt.  I must say, it was okay but I don’t see what is so great about walking in one place.  I would rather be outside myself.  Anypawdy else have one of these machines?

Buddy at the Beach

Well the beach is just about the best place on earth!  My pawrents let me run off leash and I get to meet other dogs and find new smells and weird creatures (some of them pinch as the video indicates).  I met a nice man who carries water in a bottle and a bowl to give all the dogs on the beach a drink of water.  That’s great cause that salt water tastesnasty!  I think a dip in the water and a roll in the sand is better than a day at the groomer!  Here is a video of what my cousin Rose and I found at the beach. I’m the light colored retriever, with the fashionable left paw!  We wanted to tear that crunchy white thing limb from limb but we were not too sure about those claws.  Eventually we left it alone, I was full from breakfast anyway, I’m saving myself for Barney.

Buddy’s Bionic Robo-Paw!!!!!

I have to share the prosthetic paw my human children came up with for me.  They got very creative and tried to make it into a bionic paw.  If I ever do get a faux paw I am definately taking this drawing in to see if I can get any “extra enhancements” to my appendage!!!!!It was too cool not to share!    Please add any reccomendations for attachments.


Update on Buddy:)

Buddy is growing FAST!!! He is almost as tall as the girls (our 2 other goldens) and he has so much loose skin I know he will get bigger.  We have always had female dogs so his size will be new for us.  Buddy is running fast and seems to ignore his “little paw” the faster he goes.  When he is walking and meandering he still puts weight on his “nub”  It is amazing how used to his nub we are.  It has one pad on it, no nails, and it is 1/3 the size of his other paw and about 2-3 inches shorter.  The hair has rubbed off the tip of it and he is getting a small callus there.  His whole front leg and shoulder seem so much smaller than the other front leg and shoulder, I do not know if this is atrophy or part of the deformity. 

I have been reluctant to take him for walks because I do not want the concrete to irritate his nub,  I guess he could walk on the grass but I know he is going to walk wherever the good smells are!!!!

He took his first trip to the beach last month,he loved running free on a little sand bar on Saint Simons Island.  He and the girls ran  around for about and hour, digging in the sand and swimming and chasing seagulls.  He didn’t swim as much as I wanted him too, maybe next time.  He got home from the beach and was covered in sand from head to tail!   Good Times!

Last weekend he got fixed and microchipped, the surgery did not phase him at all, he was running that evening. 

Thats about it, he is a typical pup, into everything he shouln’t be, unrolling the toilet paper, digging holes, stealing food off the counter……I love that boy.  His favorite thing is to go “shopping” in my kid’s playroom.  He loves to chew on webkinz.  He also has developed an affinity to our pet ferret Sammy.  They enjoy tussling together.   I have to separate them so the ferret won’t hurt Buddy…..crazy!  We are still considering a prosthetic,  although less so since he is doing so well.  If anyone has gone through getting a prosthetic please let me know about it or give me a link to your blog!

Thanks for reading us!!!!!

Buddy’s pawrents

This is an older video of  Buddy when he was younger he learned to lean on the wall to come down the stairs.  Smart boy!!!buddy on stairs